fine art by                  Randy Knowles

 "My intent is to evoke an emotional response from the viewer and not simply create a historical depiction or illustration. Working both in oil and pastel, I focus on the use of light, color, atmosphere and perspective to create works that capture a brief moment on the busy city street or holds forever a moment of nature’s magnificence. Be it a window washer, hotdog vender or colorful pedestrian, my “urban landscapes” highlight everyday life that we may otherwise pass by."                     Randy Knowles








Boys in the Band - Pastel Colorful Pots Leroux Kitchens Portsmouth NH PastelCity News
Pastel  14x14Sunlit Path
Pastel 8"x8"

An award winning artist, Randy works both en plein air and in his studio to create paintings capturing the New England countryside, coastal settings and the urban landscape. Currently Randy’s work is focused both in pastel and oil.